Albanian governments have recognized the importance of improving the civil service system as a crucial element for the further development of Albania. Consequently, they have committed to align the national legislation with the EU requirements in the area public administration.

Based on the recommendation of the European Commission, on the 24 th of June 2014 the European Council granted Albania the candidate status. This is a clear step forward in EU-Albania relations, reflecting the progress the country has made in the process of European integration and in implementing the necessary reforms. However, Albania’s EU integration depends clearly on the reforms undertaken in
civil service in view to open negotiations.

Overall, the reform in the civil service should continue implementing the changes and strengthen the institutional and administrative capacity of the main stakeholders to remain committed to the changes. In this perspective, enhancing the overall administrative capacity of Albania through the modernization of the Albanian public administration and strengthening its key institutions, is a key priority for both the Albanian government and EU Enlargement policy.

For this purpose, the EU is funding many programmes and project to facilitate the process of strengthening the civil service. Among many of these instruments, the Young Civil Service Scholarship Scheme project was launched in September 2017.

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